Air and compost

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Composting is an aerobic process, which is a fancy way of saying it needs air. What’s more, air is probably even more important than food the average compost pile runs out of air long before it runs out of food.

If there isn’t enough air, decomposition becomes anaerobic, which is bad news for two reasons. First, it’s much slower than aerobic composting, and second, some of the products, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, don’t smell very nice.
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Recycle process

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What gardeners should do to make the environment stay green? After all gardeners are pretty close with these green thing, what they do is to make the plant/green look more beautiful.

Yes, recycle process, these recycle process I meant is about creating your own compost. Of course there are many reasons, a good ones about doing these composting, but the best reason all gardener favorite is saves you more money. After all you got all the resources on the garden.
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