How to renovate a House with minimal costs

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You might have old house or in some cases you get bored with how your house look, so renovation would be an ideal idea to change the look of your house. Renovation indeed required some budget, but don’t worry minimal costs could do bigger thing as well.

According to Yu Sin, there are four characters so that a House can be said to be a beautiful home. First, energy efficient where light is obtained naturally through natural ventilation, using locally produced materials or recycled materials, as well as cheap treatment.

These renovation have one goal which is made your house more beautiful than before. Beautiful is not just related to color or the shape of the building, but also related to your home design. The rest of the step should be easy such as painting your house, you could check some references in

A design which include environment would give you lots of benefit, for example rather than using more electricity to brighten your house, use more windows for optimal lighting during day. Some green space around your house also contribute in air freshness.
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Air and compost

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Composting is an aerobic process, which is a fancy way of saying it needs air. What’s more, air is probably even more important than food the average compost pile runs out of air long before it runs out of food.

If there isn’t enough air, decomposition becomes anaerobic, which is bad news for two reasons. First, it’s much slower than aerobic composting, and second, some of the products, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, don’t smell very nice.
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Basic Compost

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Ultimately, animals and microorganisms that turn plant material into compost need to eat the same things that you do. They need energy, most conveniently supplied by carbohydrates. In your case, this means starch and sugars from bread, potatoes, rice, and fruit. The main carbohydrate in plants is cellulose you can’t break this down, but compost microorganisms can. They also need nitrogen and phosphorus, to make proteins and other vital molecules.

Carbohydrates contain carbon, which provides energy and is the main structural element of living organisms. In practice, anything that contains plenty of nitrogen usually also has lots of phosphorus and other essential elements. A useful, shorthand way to describe compost ingredients is therefore by referring to their carbon:nitrogen, or C:N, ratio.
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Rock Material

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Building a garden, you must not forget this material, which is rock. Rock you could found anywhere, its type and variety are quite much as well, but only several of it could be use to make your garden more beautiful. If you worry about rock or stone material will cost you more money, then use some alternative stone, its more affordable and last as good as rock material.

Here are some rock material that often used in home design for both outdoor and indoor, but especially for outdoor use, such as limestone, sandstone, slate, tufa, and of course Granite. Lets have a look at each of their advantages below:
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